Basil Leaves Channel 7 News after 21 Years

Basil explains why

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Since becoming Lord Mayor, despite managing to fulfil his respective roles, Basil Zempilas admitted today on Triple M Breakfast that he has become "very busy", requesting to step back from his role at Channel 7. 

"Lord Mayor is a full-time and full-on commitment"

With Basil leading a busy lifestyle, it was no surprise to those at Channel 7 during the transition.

"Me being away from the desk has not been a huge shock for anyone because I've been busy doing a lot of other things and I've travelled a lot."


In light of his decision, he deems that in order to fulfil his role as Lord Mayor he needs greater availability. 

"It is important that I am available for and to the city"

Despite stepping down from his sports reporting role, which will be taken over by his colleagues Ryan Daniels and Adrian Barich, Basil says he will still be available whenever Channel 7 need him.

"I'll still be doing the Summer and Winter Games, 'Comm' Games, those sorts of things. I'll do Telethon and all the other stuff"

We want to congratulate Basil on his amazing achievement of 21 years at Channel 7 alongside Rick Ardon and Susannah Carr who have both achieved a Guinness World Record of 36+ years presenting the news together. 

"In a sense, it's almost perfect for me... the best case scenario"

Basil will remain as a host for 92.9 Triple M Breakfast in the morning each weekday, alongside his co-host, Xavier Ellis.  

Madi Reid

15 February 2022

Article by:

Madi Reid

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