Be A Good Egg This Easter - Donate Blood

‘give life’ to Aussies in need

9 April 2019

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The Toowoomba Donor Centre is struggling to fill appointments this month and with the Easter long weekend and ANZAC Day so close together this month, Toowoomba residents are being called upon to donate blood and help fill hundreds of vacant appointments.

This month the service needs 150 Toowoomba locals to roll up their sleeves and donate blood while 250 residents are needed to give plasma.


Sign up at Toowoomba Donor Centre.

Plasma is the fluid component of your blood and is used to make 18 life-giving medicines including chicken pox and measles immunisations.

Find out if you’re eligible to donate at or download the NEW BLOOD DONOR APP.  To be a donor you need to be aged 18 – 70, in good health and feeling well on the day of donation.*

By giving 90 minutes of your time this month, your plasma donation will help Aussie patients in need.

Be a 'good egg' this Easter.

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