Beer Could Be Banned At Perth's Brand New Sports Stadium

Full strength beer could be ruled out

7 June 2017

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Image: Pexel

West Australian Premier Mark McGowan wants full-strength beer banned in corporate boxes at the new Perth Stadium.

Sports Minister Mick Murray has said he wants full-strength beer available during the day and mid-strength at night, but Mr McGowan said on Wednesday that he had a "bit of a difference of opinion".

"I'll make a submission to the Liquor Commission along the lines that I think that the mid-strength arrangement works," Mr McGowan told reporters.

Mid-strength beer is currently sold at Domain Stadium but full-strength beer is only served within corporate and functions areas.

"If there's going to be mid-strength for the crowd there should be mid-strength for the people in the boxes," Mr McGowan said.

"I don't think it should be a two-tiered system."

The premier also acknowledged that wine was available at Domain Stadium but only in "very small cups".

"I think the mid-strength arrangement and small cups are ways of restricting people's drinking habits," he said.

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