Check Out These Before & After Pics Of Our Building Cleaning!

We had our building exterior cleaned

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Lately… OK for a while now, our building has been looking dirty, drab and mouldy so we thought we would do something about it. What we didn’t know was how much it really was effecting us and even costing us money!


It was dirty and dated.

New General Manager + new financial year + NBN moving in = time to refresh the old girl (aka our building). Buying a new building would be a bit of an overreaction so we looked into how we could give it a good clean it so badly needed.

It wasn’t until we spoke with Glasson Pressure Cleaning and got them on the job that we saw the difference a clean building makes! Seriously, we didn’t realise how dirty and mouldy it was until the professionals came round with their wands and worked their magic. Added bonus; our electricity bills will go down too because there is no mould and dirt build up stopping the roof from reflecting the sun.

So glad that we got our dirty and mouldy roof pressure cleaned to look brand-spanking-new.

Shout out to Glason Central Coast Pressure Cleaning for the awesome job they did!

9 August 2018

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