Behind the Scenes with ARC

My Fan Boy Moment

29 January 2018

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Wow what an experience....

I got to meet members from Antipodean Rock Collective before they hit the stage at the Australia Day Concert at Centennial Park. These boys are all from different Aussie bands I listened to in my teens and twenties and now thirties. This was a fan boy moment. 

I remember Cram pounding the drums with Spiderbait at the Kalgoorlie Hotel and he it them so hard it was so awesome to watch. You Am I with lead singer Tim Rogers who was from Kal and his inspiration that anyone from Kal can make it big in music.... Then Jet and their hit after hit after hit that came. Last but not least Powderfinger. I saw Powderfinger on their last tour with Silverchair under the big top at Claremont Oval and was so taken back by their music combining, it was just a moment I will never forget!

I was in the same room as members from these bands.... but I only had 5 mins. 


Below is the chat I had with ARC and a little selfie as seen above that came...


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