Belmont 16ft Sailing Club

All the info you need for the season

7 September 2018

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The Belmont 16's Sailing Club season is underway. 

You could take part in a fantastic activity just by contacting the club. 

If you want to learn how to sail that's no worries! 

Belmont 16's an accredited Discover Sailing Centre that offers courses and opportunities for all skill levels from beginners to the experienced sailor. The club actively encourages participation and is committed to passing on the skills needed to sail a boat as well as the sportsmanship that goes with it.

Sailing builds a sense of adventure, confidence, a strong mental ability, is a healthy physical activity and best of all . . . . builds great friendships amongst your new sailing friends.

For more info on learning how to sail head here

To see the full Belmont 16's sailing calendar just head here 

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