Ben Stratton Addresses Hawthorn's Long Sleeve Ban

He joined the Hot Breakfast.

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Hawthorn skipper Ben Stratton joined the Hot Breakfast this morning and dished some dirt on Hawthorn's long sleeve ban.

Stratton said that long sleeves were outlawed by coach Alastair Clarkson ever since he joined the Hawks in 2009. 

“Since I’ve been there you’ve never been allowed to wear the long sleeves,” Stratton said. 

“A least ten years that’s been the rule."

Stratton revealed that Clarko holds the old school mentality that player who wear long sleeves are a bit soft.

“I reckon that’s his theory, it’s probably more a mindset thing than anything.”

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Tom Beers

28 April 2019

Article by:

Tom Beers

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