Bendigo's Own Medical Advice For Coronavirus

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With the Coronavirus officially upgraded to a pandemic, as you can see by the panic purchasing of toilet paper, Australians are growing a little concerned for their health and apparently, their toilet paper supplies. 

To help us understand the virus a little better, Cogho & Kylie spoke with MMM's resident Doctor, Dr Sharma from the Bendigo Family Practice to put our minds at ease. 

Dr Sharma elaborates on what a pandemic means for Bendigo and Central Vic locals, how to avoid catching & spreading the virus, statistics from previous outbreaks like SARS compared to the Coronavirus and the utter ridiculousness surrounding the bulk buying of toilet paper. 


If you're one of those people cruising around Bendigo sporting a medical mask, you may as well throw it in the bin because Dr Sharma informs us that face masks are unnecessary unless you are actually carrying the virus or are a Doctor or Nurse treating somebody with the virus. 

To hear more about the Coronavirus in Bendigo, tune into the full catch-up below... 

Georgie Marr

13 March 2020

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Georgie Marr

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