Bernard Tomic Says He Was Intimidated By Lleyton Hewitt When He Was 16

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Rudi Edsall

3 February 2019

Rudi Edsall

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Image: Channel 9

Bernard Tomic has claimed that he was intimidated by Lleyton Hewitt in Melbourne as a 16-year-old.


Tomic alleged that Hewitt had threatened him with not being able to play in the Davis Cup when Tomic was 16, unless he gave Hewitt some information about elements in Tennis Australia who he perceived were against him.

“[Hewitt] sat me down and basically said ‘you won’t play Davis Cup mate tomorrow’ — which is the time when I played at the youngest age — unless you tell me these things,” Tomic said.

Tomic’s dad backed up his sons’ claims.

“Lleyton bullied him, and threatened to him, victimised him.”

Tomic hinted that there may still be ramifications.

“I was harassed. I was intimidated, that’s all I’ll say,” Tomic said.

“I was 16 years old in Melbourne, Grand Hyatt, at a Davis Cup tie. I’ll stand by that. Further matters will be taking place.”

Tomic also repeated his claim that he would knock Hewitt out if he came within a metre of him, but denied any threats to Hewitt’s family.

“I said exactly the words, ‘I will knock you out if you come one metre from me’, and he knows that. I stand by that,” Tomic said.

“But did I mention his family? That’s pretty low. Mention family, kids, and stuff? How low do you have to be, I think that’s one of the lowest things I’ve ever heard from him.

“I stand by my threats to him, but not to his family.”

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