Bernard Tomic, You Little Nothing

So Much To Offer, So Little Given

Cliff Reeve

15 January 2018

Cliff Reeve

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Let me make something clear from the get go, Bernard Tomic does not know or give a flying who I am.

He doesn't care who I am and I'm pretty sure he will get through the day without another opinion about what a let down he has become, certainly mine will be a long way down the schedule of things to give a damn about.

Having said that, it is crushingly disappointing to put up with more world wide headlines about our very own little sweat stain on the tennis towel of life.

Today West Australian Matt Ebden showed real guts to move to the secong round of the Australian Open, we don't necessarily mind if you lose but give it a shot at least.

And then to seemingly not care about his loss Tomic just wants to brag about how many millions he's got in the bank.

Good for him I guess. He can be a modern day Scrooge McDuck for all I care.

Tennis Australia declined to comment on Tomic's departure. Were they to I bet it would be unprintable.

To have such obvious talent and fritter it away is unforgiveable.

Perhaps he should do sub editors and tennis watchers a favour and go off to count his millions, and not come back.

Stay classy Bernie!


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