Bernie Vince Explains How Melbourne Have Improved This Year

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Former Melbourne best and fairest winner Bernie Vince explained how his old club has improved this year after a disappointing 17th-placed finish in 2019.


“I just feel like they’re getting some continuity in their side,” Bernie said.

“I mean Jake Lever and Steven May, I think they’d only played a few games together in the previous couple of years, they’ve both played all year and they know each other’s games.

“Now their back six is really locked, you’ve got Lever, May, Christian Salem, Michael Hibberd and Oscar McDonald does that lock down on a key forward as well.

“I just think their back six looks really settled, their midfield is in really good form, especially as you said the last three or four weeks.”

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Former Adelaide champion Tyson Edwards said Max Gawn’s ability to set things up for Melbourne’s rejuvenated midfield is important.

“With Gawn getting so much of an advantage in that ruck, if they can get their systems right, and I know last week they had a bit of downer against Brisbane where they read Gawn really, really well, but that’s not gonna happen every week,” Edwards said.

“Port are definitely gonna have their work cut out with that tonight, I would assume that’s where they put most of their time and effort and energy in is at least halving that contest in there.”

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Rudi Edsall

30 July 2020

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Rudi Edsall

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