Best Bits From Round 14 On Triple M Footy

Best bits!

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It was another big weekend of footy on Triple M! We've done the hard work for you and compiled the very best moments from Round 14. 

Saturday Rub Starts In Chaos

It was a horror start to the Saturday Rub! Where was everyone?

Spud's Top 5 Moments On Triple M Footy

We all miss Spud. Ahead of Spud's Game at Marvel Browny re-lived his best moments.

Can Collingwood Win The Flag? 

Ross Lyon thinks the Pies can match it with the best. 

Will Hayward Misses His Boot

The boys lost it when Hayward had a fresh air swing!

Is Browny Taking Under 11's Netball Too Seriously? 

Browny is going to extreme lengths to win the elimination final next week... 

Watch the Sunday Rub! 

De Goey, D'ambrosio, Pub Quiz, Hitch Your Caravan & much more! 

20 June 2022

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