Best Places To Live In Townsville

Here's where to invest!

Amber Lowther

30 August 2018

Amber Lowther

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If you've ever wanted to know where in Townsville is worth calling home, look no further than this round-up of places you'll want to put a deposit on!

Mount Margaret
Alice River is a family friendly suburb with a high percentage of owner/occupiers. There are big blocks, which allows a healthy environment for kids to grow up. Calm traffic conditions are also a plus and provide a safe street network. Big blocks of land increase in value over time, too. This means you could be sitting on a safe investment!
Annandale has pretty much everything for young couples looking to settle down, such as a variety of school options, affordable rentals and, it's close to everything - a huge drawcard for mature couples. If those are some must-haves for your next home, we highly recommend this area of town!
North Ward
What can we say about North Ward?! It's close to The Strand, has a fantastic proximity to all the markets (bonus!) and there are plenty of running tracks with Castle Hill, The Strand, Jezzine Barracks and Pallaranda all a stones throw away!
South Townsville
If you LOVE having amazing eateries right near you, South Townsville could be a winner for you, since it's near popular Palmer Street! There's great options for apartment living and houses and, if you love to go out for drinks, there's nightlife nearby. 
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