Nothing in life is free

15 November 2018

Article heading image for BEWARE ESPERANCE of the latest DOOR-TO-DOOR SCAM

There is a saying in life that always rings true.

Nothing in life is free.

If someone approaches you with a proposition that sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

Currently doing the rounds around Esperance is the vacuum, cleaner scam, where a salesperson, in disguise as a 'Good Samaritan' or cleaning service, will offer a full, top to bottom house clean. Now you may be suspicious or someone who prides themselves on homely cleanliness, and you will send them on their merry way.

Or, you may be a trusting human who sees this as a great deal and an opportunity to vacuum and mop your untidy hovel. That’s when the scamming commences.

As the clean progresses there will be more hints from the disguised salesperson about the efficiency and triumph of their cleaning device. They will continue to acknowledge how brilliant the machine is and will eventually ask if you would like to purchase one.

A free clean could quickly turn into a $4 grand cleaning, vacuum machine.

One report was that the salesperson stayed at a certain premise for just under two hours.

So be wary, a free clean is actually a free pitch to buy a new vacuum!

Sean spoke about the scam and how it happened to one of his friendly neighbours on the Breakfast Show. You can listen to a snippet of that and more at the link below!

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