Big Changes For Boyne Tannum Hook Up In 2021

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Fishermen are known for telling tall tales – but the news about next year’s Boyne Tannum Hook Up is anything but.


Australia’s biggest family fishing competition had a ripper of an event in 2020, with organisers swiftly adapting to Covid-19 restrictions just weeks out from the comp.

In light of the trying times, the event was live-streamed, showing off the stunning Gladstone Region, more than $191,000 worth of fishing and boating prizes were given away, bringing the community together.

The event was so successful a whopping 70% of people surveyed have asked the live stream be incorporated into future events!  While more than half were excited for the competition to return to Bray Park, Boyne Island as the REEL HookUp next year. 

So, taking this all on board, here’s what the 2021 Boyne Tannum Hookup will look like:  

HookUp has announced a Gladstone based livestream location to split the massive crowds; which will now be Memorial Park near the PCYC. Make sure you follow the event on Facebook for the latest.


Entrants can watch the live stream from their home in any location from around the world for the promotional draws - they don't have to be in either Gladstone Regional locations. There are fantastic prices every night including rods & reels, bicycles and even a Waverunner . The major prizes over the weekend also feature junior and senior tinnies, with the big one being an $85K SEAJAY Vision boat with Raymarine Electronics and a 150HP Yamaha outboard.

You could also win the ALL NEW ISUZU D-MAX dual cab ute from Reef City Motors as a major prize in the promotional draws. You can win this fishing or staying at home.

Fishing competition prizes have been increased! Entrants who weigh a fish could win great cash prizes as well as going into the daily and major prize draws. You may even be lucky enough to catch the $5k or $10k tagged bounty fish. The 2021 Boyne Tannum Hookup is giving away over $375,000 worth of prizes to lucky winners over 3 days. Check out prizes here.

Friday night is free live entertainment in Bray Park that will be live-streamed to the Memorial Park in Gladstone.  Saturday night is the 7.30 pm Boyne River fireworks, followed by live entertainment in Bray Park, Boyne Island this will all be live-streamed to the Gladstone site. Get around it! 

Tickets are on sale via the HookUp website ready for the REEL HookUp from Friday 30th April to Sunday 2nd May, 2021. 


In Association With The Boyne Tannum HookUp

23 December 2020

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In Association With The Boyne Tannum HookUp

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