Births In Bundaberg Are Less Than Eight Years Ago

Gin Gin takes the title

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Bundaberg aren't making as many babies as they did eight years ago, with 61,000 births registered in Queensland compared to 92,063 births in the Bundaberg region in 2011.

As for who is winning the birth race around Bundaberg, The Australian Bureau of Statistics have listed Gin Gin as having the highest fertility rate at 2.21 per cent.

In second place comes Bundaberg at 1.81 per cent, followed by:

  • Ashfield-Kepnock at 2.12 per cent
  • Bundaberg Region South at 2.07 per cent
  • Millbank-Avoca at 2.01 per cent
  • Bundaberg Region North at 1.99 per cent 
  • Walkervale-Avenell Heights 1.95 per cent
  • Svensson Height-Norville 1.94 per cent
  • Bundaberg East-Kalkie 1.81 per cent
  • Branvan-Kensington 1.73 per cent
  • Bargara-Burnett Heads 1.64 per cent
  • Bundaberg North-Gooburrum 1.63 per cent 

When it comes to the age of mothers for births, it was registered at 31.3 years old in 2017, with the median age of fathers was registered at 33.3 years old.

Amber Lowther

18 January 2019

Article by:

Amber Lowther

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