Bloke Films Himself Driving Down Bike Lane While Cyclists Use The Road

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Triple M Staff

29 January 2019

Triple M Staff

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A bloke in Australia has filmed himself driving down a bike track while cyclists use the road beside him.

The unnamed driver - who, in the traditional style of the internet, has decided to right the wrongs of the world by doing something dumb on camera - reportedly videoed the stunt on NSW's South Coast.

He can be seen swerving onto the cycling lane on Swamp Road, between Dunmore and Jamberoo after spotting two cyclists riding next to each on the road.

While speeding past them, the driver leans out the window and sprays the pair, yelling: "What's the point of us spending this money if you're not going to use it, you f*cking d*ckheads?"

When one of the cyclists suggests the obviously irate man "pull over so I can have a chat", the motorist chucks a few more profanities at them before continuing on his way.

The video has since gone viral because it's 2019 and if it's not on the internet did it really happen? Check it out below. 


For what it's worth, the driver did have a point in so far as that, while it's not illegal for cyclists in NSW to ride two abreast, the NSW Road Users' Handbook stipulates that cyclists "must use the bike lane where one is available."

Cyclists caught not using the bike lane are facing a $112 fine - but motorists who do use the cycle lane could be fined $187.

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