Bloke Pleads Guilty To Pantsing Himself And Performing A Haka In The Middle Of The Street

Now wants to go to law school

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A bloke accused of pantsing himself and performing a haka in the middle of a street has told a court that he's keen to leave his criminal record - spanning more than 30 years - behind in order to pursue a career as a lawyer.

Whaiti Albert appeared in Dunedin District Court in New Zealand yesterday, pleading guilty to offensive behaviour, assault with a weapon and committing a threatening act.

Judge Emma Smith heard that the 50-year-old was seen standing in the front yard of some student housing near his flat; when he was asked to leave, he walked to the middle of Leith Street and stopped.

"He started to do a haka and, whilst he did this, he pulled down his trousers so that all the students present could see his genitalia," police said.

"He continued with the haka whilst his genitalia swung freely."

The court was then told that Albert left the scene but returned shortly after, clearly affected by alcohol, and began pushing over bins.

Some of the student residents yelled for him to stop, at which point he told them he would use a Molotov cocktail to burn their flat "to the ground".

He then threw a glass bottle at the feet of a woman who was approaching him in an effort to send him home, resulting in minor cuts to her legs.

According to the Otago Daily Times, Judge Smith told Albert that despite him receiving "almost every sentence the court could impose", he remained a high risk of reoffending.

But counsel Jim Takas said his client was willing to "turn over a new leaf".

"He has a couple of ideas," he said. "One he has mentioned was law school."

Judge Smith sentenced Albert to 12 months' intensive supervision and two months of community detention.

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Deirdre Marie

31 May 2019

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Deirdre Marie

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