Bloom Wellness Expo in the Tropics.

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If you want to feel better and get some education and inspiration at the same time.. this could be for you. 

Bloom Inspiring Wellness is on the 19th- 20th of October at the James Cook University, Smithfield Campus. 

You can meditate, get involved in Pilates on the Grass, Yoga and Body Awareness sessions and eat some yummy food at the wholesome outlets who are coming too. 

Originally created by Founder, Emma Lodge to provide a platform for natural health practitioners to share credible and emerging knowledge and information across the spectrum of health and wellbeing, the event is shifting the focus from illness and placing the emphasis on the proactive lifestyle measures we can all take to achieve optimum levels of health and prevent disease.

 Event Manager, Jodie Ferrero says the event is certainly one of kind in Far North Queensland and rivals similar events on an international stage.

“The program of Wellness Labs including Passion & Purpose, Nourish, Earthing, Brain, Biohack, Active, Women’s Health and more will cover a broad range of content from gut microbiome, hormones, orthomolecular medicine and the immune system; to neuro-biofeedback, red light and cold water therapies; and also EMF’s, earthing and Enneagrams to name just a few topics,” Jodie said.

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11 October 2019

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