BMX National Championships

In Bunbury 2018. YES!!!!

14 August 2017

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After almost 20 years, The BMX National Championships are coming back to Western Australia.

Thanks to The State Government, Tourism WA and The City of Bunbury joining forces, the event will be here next year.

More than 2000 interstate competitors and supporters are expected to attend and in turn, will boost tourism in the local area.

According to BMXA President Neil Cameron, it’s a win for all parties.  Cameron said, “Our BMX family has the ability to contribute a considerable amount to the West Australian economy and Tourism WA and the City of Bunbury.

BMX is now one of the fastest growing sports in Australia, with the country attracting the second biggest number of participants in the world behind the USA, many of whom are from Western Australia.

The championships are also welcomed event by the 200 members of the Bunbury BMX Club and dual Olympian Lauren Reynolds. Reynolds said, "It's a beautiful part of Western Australia and Bunbury BMX track has been such a special part of my life, I hope the rest of the BMXA family can make the trip”

The National Championships will be held at the Bunbury BMX track from March 20th to 25th, 2018.


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