Boaters Must Keep Wide Berth of Migrating Whales or Face Big Fines

Stay away, or pay up

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An increase in whale sightings has prompted a reminder to boaties and jet skiers to keep a safe distance as they migrate north in our waters.

More than 25,000 humpbacks are expected to travel along the Central QLD coast in the coming months.

A statement from the Department of Environment and Science reminds those operating vessels on our waters, that an adult humpback whale weighs 40 tonnes, getting too close can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening as they can breach over the top of vessels.

DES Principal Ranger Steve Hoseck says boats must stay 100 metres away from the creatures and watercraft like jet skis must stay 300m away, or face large fines.

"Penalties for getting too close to humpback whales could include a minimum of $652 on the spot fine and a maximum fine of $22,000.”

Humpback whales will be migrating in Queensland water until Spring, so all watercraft operators must remain vigilant until November.

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22 June 2021

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