Bon Jovi Has Been Spotted Washing Dishes In A Community Kitchen

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While other celebrities are hanging out in their mansions and creating Tik Toks, music legend Jon Bon Jovi has taken to the kitchen, washing dishes at one of his nonprofit JBJ Soul Kitchen restaurants in New Jersey. 

Now, if you don't already know this about Bon Jovi, he owns and operates three nonprofit restaurants in the New Jersey region, providing meals to those who can't afford it and working on a 'pay what you can' system. 

These payments go towards covering the charge for those who can't afford to donate anything at all, but for those who don't like taking without giving a little something back, they also offer opportunities for people to donate an hour of their time, to help out at the restaurant. So, yeah... he's a pretty cool dude . 


Leading by example, Bon Jovi was spotted getting down and dirty in the kitchens, washing dishes alongside other restaurant workers, who are working their butts off to produce healthy food for the less fortunate. We aren't talking, popped in on his way past with a publicist on stand-by, we are talking unglamorous, dirty black apron wearing, honest work from the superstar and we are just chuffed with the commitment. 

The restaurants are definitely complying with the current 'stay at home' rules, only providing take-out orders and supplying food to the community members who are most in need. 

The restaurants are also throwing together COVID-19 care packages, including pantry items and hot meals which they are distributing to community members, senior centres and the local Boys & Girls Club. 

But it's not just Bon Jovi getting his hands dirty, his wife Dorothea Hurley was also spotted working a take-out line on Easter Sunday, doing her part for the New Jersey community.

Now we are simply smitten with this power-couple.

So a round of applause for these two for their selfless contributions, when they could definitely be relaxing in their impressive estate, re-creating embarrassing Tik Toks or hanging by the pool.


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Georgie Marr

15 April 2020

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Georgie Marr

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