Border Bubble Arrangements Will Remain Unchanged

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North East and Border residents will spend another week in lockdown along with the rest of the state, causing questions about the border bubble.

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews promised to do everything he can to keep the border bubble arrangements with New South Wales in place.

From midnight Tuesday, anyone outside Victoria will need an exemption to return under new rules that will last for another week.

The state of New South Wales has been declared a red zone by Victoria, however border residents can still travel between states and enter Victoria as long as they have not been to a red zone outside the cross-border area.

Residents have been calling to have border areas declared as green zones to encourage people outside of the border bubble to easily travel across the border to Mulwala and Albury without having to get a permit.

Despite these calls from the community, the Premier has confirmed it’s unlikely any changes will be made to the border bubble.

“Border bubble is as, as it was. I don’t want to have to change that unless I have good reason to. Unless there’s evidence of, for instance, cases from Sydney coming into that bubble, that’s not the situation at the moment, so that remains unchanged.”

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20 July 2021

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