Border Communities Stay Ahead Of The Curve Amid Extended Lockdown for Regional NSW

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Border residents on both sides of the Murray river are stepping up to get tested for Covid-19 as the region deals with the latest extended lockdown.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian made the not so unexpected announcement on Thursday morning declaring that New south Wales’ regional lockdown would be extended.

“I want to announce, and the deputy premier will reinforce this, that given the outbreak in western New South Wales and a few cases elsewhere throughout the regions, the lockdown in regional New South Wales will align with the rest of New South Wales until at least August 28. All of NSW until at least August 28”

- Premier Gladys Berejiklian

In a bid to stay on top of the curve Murrumbidgee local health district has ramped up its testing operations across the south of the state, while North East Health in Wangaratta hit a regional milestone with 10,000 jabs across the state.

With health service staff working tirelessly alongside the community to increase the vaccination numbers in the region Chief Executive Jill Ludford said, with the level of testing and inoculating, the lockdown is actually working in the region, however vigilance remains paramount.

"But it is a very, very grave situation unfolding all around us now with cases across regional NSW and it really highlights the criticality of the restrictions that have been put in place and the stay-at-home orders for each one of you in our community"

- Jill Ludford

It comes after NSW hit their highest record yet with 681 new covid cases and one death, while Victoria saw a sharp spike with 57 new cases overnight.

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19 August 2021

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