Bowen Mango Festival Could Be A Reality!


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Bowen is the running for “The Festival of Mangoes”. WotIf had a competition running, to win a festival and we are in the top 4. Home to the Big Mango and Australia’s most popular mango variety, the Kensington Pride (also known as the Bowen mango), Bowen is in the running to win its own festival dedicated to the juicy fruit. Mary Gallagher from Bowen Tourism and Business thinks it’s high time we celebrated that. She says:

“You can’t talk mangoes without Bowen – we’re so synonymous with them that not only is the best eating mango THE Bowen Mango, we have not one, but two BIG Mangoes. Mangoes are BIG business here – the mango-growing industry supports many locals and visitors and is worth over $21 million per annum. Team that with a community as colourful and vibrant as the fruit itself and an amazing outdoor climate and scenery, and you have one hell of a backdrop for a festival full of flavour and fun!”

Reckon a Festival of Mangoes in Bowen sounds sweet? Well, it takes two to tango (and a whole lot of you to mango 😉). Vote for Bowen to win the Festival of Wot or find out more about the town on the Wotif Insider blog 

16 September 2019

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