Boyanup's Iconic Gingerbread House Is Up For Sale

All we KNEAD is gingerbread!

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It's devastating news for Gingerbread House customers, and we're just glad the sugar heaven is still open for the time being so we can drown our sorrows in chocolates and cakes and lollies (oh my!). 

Famous in the region for its magical design, delicious coffee, and novelty desserts, it'll be a true loss for the Boyanup community. 

The owners have decided to sell the premises in order to focus on another successful business in Perth. 

Me stocking up on the goodies before Gingerbread House closes 

Let us know in the Facebook comments which iconic Gingerbread House treat was your favourite. 

You can view the property listing here

Ebony Reeves

8 October 2019

Article by:

Ebony Reeves

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