Brace Yourselves - Our Water Rates are On The Way

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18 October 2018

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Prepare yourselves Toowoomba - Water Rates Notices will hitting our letterboxes starting next week.

Toowoomba Regional Council has adopted a split pricing approach for the first time this year, the new approach will ensure the water business remains on a sustainable path.

Unlike many other Councils, Toowoomba Regional Council operate its own extensive water network that supplies clean water to over 160,000 consumers.

The notices will be split in to two categories - residential properties and non-residential properties.

By using the split pricing approach, the impact on water rates notices will vary depending on the property category and level of water consumption.

The water rates notices for the two categories are as follows:

  • Residential properties – 4.1% increase
  • Non-residential properties – 6% increase

Council has a legislative responsibility to ensure infrastructure assets are sustainably managed and maintained. TRC's water business consists of over $1.4billion in infrastructure, which is in need of significant renewal or replacement investment; this is the primary contributor to the change in water pricing.

For more information and to read about some of the upcoming water infrastructure projects, contact Council on 131 872 or visit

Another increase - what are your thoughts on this ...

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