Brad Haddin Has Slammed Virat Kohli’s Steve Smith Comments

"Just say it"

11 March 2017

Former Aussie wicketkeeper Brad Haddin was on Triple M’s Weekenders with Dan Ginnane this morning, and naturally thhey couldn’t leave the Virat Kohli v Steve Smith war pass by.

Kohli was furious that Smith looked up to his team’s balcony apparently seeking guidance on a potential review when he was adjudged LBW in the second innings at Bengaluru.

When Ginnane asked Hads about Kohli’s accusations that stopped just short of calling Smith a cheat, Haddin let Kohli have both barrels.

“If Virat Kohli has a problem with Steve Smith cheating and not playing in the spirit of the game then say it,” Haddin said.

“Don’t hide behind the fact and mix your words and leave it open-ended. 

“If you’re a strong a competitor as you are and you’re a strong leader of your country and you’ve done a fair job to date put your balls on the line and say ‘I think Steve Smith was a cheat’, because he’s just talking around it.”

Haddin defended Smith’s role in the incident.

“I think Steve Smith — and I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt — had a brain fade,” Haddins aid.

“I don’t think there was any malice in what he did.

“I think (Aussie batsman Peter) Handscomb played a big role, I think he was a bit uneducated in the protocols of what needs to happen with the DRS system and the pressure got to him.”

Haddin also spoke about Kohli getting to choose the pitch for the third Test.

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