Brad Haddin Says Alex Carey’s Spot Is Safe Despite Dropped Catches And A Lack Of Runs

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Former Australian wicketkeeper and Triple M caller Brad Haddin says that incumbent custodian Alex Carey’s “spot is safe” despite some high profile dropped catches and a lack of runs in his debut series.


"There’s no doubt he’s the keeper for this Test and Pakistan moving forward," Haddin said on Triple M Cricket’s Willow Talk.

"This is his first Test series. One thing that happens, we’ve seen at the start of the Test series he was outstanding in a few games and he’s just started to fall off a little bit in the last couple of Test matches.

"A number of things come into that. It’s an emotional time playing Test cricket, so he would have experienced that for the first time.

"The scrutiny you’re under in an Ashes campaign is totally different to everywhere else, so every little mistake you make is blown up ten fold because of the pressure and the scrutiny of that series.

"A few little technical things crept into his game when he got tired, he got done a couple of times on his right off the fast bowlers, and he’ll have a look at those over the next couple of days."

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Hads said that Carey will be acutely aware of the issues he needs to work on.

"The one person that would be beating himself up more than anyone else is Alex Carey," Haddin said.

"He sets really high standards, but his spot’s safe."

Haddin also said it was important for Carey not to overwork himself in practice.

"The one thing he’s gotta do — and this might sound weird — is not over-catch this week," he said.

"He’s got all the volume he needs. He needs to look at the technical side of what’s been going on his right, and the mental side he needs to get away and freshen himself up.

"So his spot’s not under pressure, but he’d like a more polished performance in this last Test."

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Rudi Edsall

12 January 2022

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Rudi Edsall

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