BREAKING: Father Brutally Murdered As He Checked On Power Outage

Brisbane police are door knocking

Claire Sherwood

25 October 2017

Claire Sherwood

Police are investigating the brutal murder of a father of four on the front lawn of his home at Kuraby. 

Emergency crews were called to the family home on Saint George Street just after midnight. On arrival, they found a 35 year old man severely injured on the front lawn. 

Initial investigations suggest the man had gone outside to investigate a power outage when he was attacked with a weapon. He died at the scene.  

Detective Tony Fleming says the man's family, including children, were inside the home at the time and heard the disturbance. 

"He'd suffered some significant injuries. They called for the ambulance.. but sadly that man has died."

The person or people responsible have taken off from the area. 

Police have spent the night at the scene, and they're now door knocking neighbours to ask if anyone saw or heard anything untoward.

Detective Fleming says no stone is being left unturned. 

"It's normally a quiet area. This is certainly not something that we expected and that's why we have pulled all our resources out"

"At the moment, we have detectives from the Brisbane region, the homicide squad, our scientific [officers], and a number of general duties officers here conducting our investigation" 


Police provided an update at 8.45am: 


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