BREAKING: Jack De Belin Will Not Apply For An Injunction Against ‘No Fault Stand Down’

Won’t play until April at the earliest

12 March 2019

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In breaking news, Jack De Belin's court appearance with the NRL will not be held on Thursday as originally planned, with De Belin withdrawing his request for an interim injunction ahead of round one.

A full hearing will now take place in the Federal Court in April and De Belin will not be able to play until this court appearance.

This is because of the NRL’s new ‘No Fault’ rule, which allows the code to stand down players who have been charged with serious criminal offences.

De Belin launched legal action against the NRL last week, claiming that the 'No Fault' stand down policy could not be used to prevent him from participating in the 2019 season.

His lawyers argued in court last Thursday that this was because the policy that had been announced by the NRL had not been formally adopted as a rule of the game, and until the rule was properly announced, De Belin was free to play.

The judge agreed, stating that until the rule was finalised, De Belin could participate in the 2019 season, which kicks off on March 14.

Last night, the ARL Commission announced that the rule had been finalised and therefore De Belin, along with Dylan Walker and Tyrone May, could be stood down.

The new rule means that there is an automatic "no fault" stand down of players charged with serious criminal offences, particularly those involving women and children.

NRL CEO Todd Greenberg had confirmed that De Belin, Walker and May have been advised that they have been stood down pending the outcome of their court cases.


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