BREAKING: Premier Marshall Reveals ‘Low Risk’ Reopening Roadmap

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The South Australian government has finally announcement the state’s highly anticipated Covid roadmap to reopening borders.

Under the new plan a 'low-risk', fully vaccinated person who encounters a Covid positive person at an exposure site for less than 15 minutes, will not have to quarantine, while an unvaccinated person will be required to quarantine for 14 days.

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Premier Steven Marshall revealed the plan early on Monday and confirmed health authorities will be using a new TTIQ strategy - test, trace, isolate and quarantine - to assess every case.

"Now that risk assessment will be based on a number of areas - how close was the person coming to the infected person, are they within one and a half meters, or is it a larger distance, were the two people wearing masks?"

Mr Marshall announced the “big changes, important changes” would be delivered in a “bespoke, tailored” approach.

“You will recall, in the past, we’ve had to take a pretty heavy-handed approach ... because a single case could set off a cluster, which would lock down our state,” he said. 

“We will be very significantly reducing the test, trace isolate and quarantine requirements.”

- Premier Marshall

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens clarified that a casual contact must undergo a minimum of three Covid tests and must quarantine until their first negative result.

Further changes to businesses include no longer needing to undergo a deep clean if they become an exposure site, rather the type of cleaning will be at a much lower level.

Finally, there have been no changes to masks, home gathering caps or dancing at this stage.

The new TTIQ strategy will take effect next Tuesday.


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14 November 2021

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