BREAKING: Two New Community Cases In QLD Sparks Panic

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Two new local Covid infections were reported in Queensland on Wednesday, with one case on the Gold Coast sending alarm bells ringing. 

The 32-year-old man, who had had one dose of a vaccine, was infectious in the community for six days with investigators trying to confirm how they caught it.

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The other case was reported in Warwick on the Southern Downs and is connected to the NSW outbreak in Moree

The unvaccinated First Nation's person was infectious in the community for 10 days. 

Meantime, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk continues to warn Queenslanders to get vaccinated if they want to enjoy their Christmas.

When the state opens mid-next month, those yet to get the jab will lose certain liberties with the Premier unapologetic in her push to vax the state. 

"If you want to enjoy your Christmas holidays and if you want to go to the theatre, you want to go to sporting events, you want to go to a pub, or a cafe, or have a beer with your mate down at the local pub, I'm asking you to go and get vaccinated".

The Premier stressed unvaccinated Queenslanders could not wait any longer to get the jab.

"I've been very clear if we see a large community outbreak in any of those areas [that have low vaccination rates] we will have to look at putting in place some restrictions," she said.

"Like I said we're quite comfortable at the moment because the vaccination rates are higher than they were two or three months ago and it's a wait and see here, but it is a wake-up call for people in Warwick, for people on the Gold Coast to go and get vaccinated.

"Time is running out," the Premier warned.

Deputy Chief Health Officer Lynne McKinlay has urged people in those areas on concern to get tested and most importantly, to get vaccinated.

"Please do go and get tested if you're in the Gold Coast or in the Warwick area or have been a south of the border into that Moree area, if you have any symptoms at all," she said.

"There's going to probably be a new testing site set up at Warwick as well today, in addition to the seven or so other sites that are available to you, and there's plenty of testing availability as well on the Gold Coast."

- CHO Lynne McKinlay

Currently, 67.8 per cent of eligible people aged over 16 are fully vaccinated, while 79.8 per cent have received their first dose of a Covid vaccine.


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10 November 2021

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