Brendan Fevola Responds To Eddie McGuire About A Collingwood Comeback

"I'm just a bit large"

28 April 2017

(Image: Getty)

Brendan Fevola has responded to Eddie McGuire's comments on a possible Collingwood comeback, saying he was "one hundred percent" committed to a footy return if a spot was available.

Fev was the centre of a massive twist, with a petition to bring him to Collingwood going viral.

Eddie McGuire shut it down on Triple M's Hot Breakfast, however, laughing off the suggestion and calling him "fat".

"No (there's not room for him) - not for him there’s not!" he joked.

Fev said on the Friday Huddle it wasn't too friendly.

"It's not very nice to say someone's fat!" he said on Triple M.

"When you get fat shamed, it doesn't sit that Juddy laughing?"

He said a comeback could still be on the cards if a club was willing to pick him up.

"Why not?" he asked.

"The thing with me is that I actually lost my career, not for any other reason, it wasn't form, I wasn't in the twos, it was purely because I was a dickhead.

"I've still got it. I'm just a bit large."

And, according to Fev, there might be a bonus to Fev's targeted weight loss.

"Obviously with Collingwood and the Eddie thing, having a look at Eddie in the studio every day, because we're in the same studio, he might be able to train with me," he laughed.

"We might be able to lose it together!"

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