Brent Harvey Proposes A New Club For Andrew Swallow

"Yes, he can play on"

30 April 2017

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(Image: Fox Sports)

Brent Harvey has said former North Melbourne teammate Andrew Swallow can "absolutely" play on, saying a number of teams - including perhaps Gold Coast - could use him.

Swallow was dropped from North Melbourne's side for round six.

Harvey joined Triple M's Neroli Meadows on Game Day, and was hit with the question.

"Yeah, absolutely (he can still play)," he told Fox Sports.

"He's got to be played in the right position. For Andrew to be played at half forward...unfortunately for Andrew, he's not quick, and he hurt his Achilles a couple of years ago, and that probably slowed him down a little bit."

"The two things he does unbelievably well is win his own football and tackles well. So to do that, he's got to be played in the guts.

"Yes, he can play on."

Meadows gave Harvey a question without notice, asking him what team could do with Swallow.

"Well, he's got a brother up on the Gold Coast," he smiled.

"Gary Ablett could probably have a little bit of help in close.

"I think there's a number of teams that could use him."

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