Brett Kirk Addresses The Famous "Thanks Basil" Video

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Brett Kirk addressed the now famous "Thanks Basil" video from his Channel 7 boundary rounding debut on Michelle, Xav and Baz for Breakfast this morning.


"It was the first time the Saturday arvo crew were together, so I thought I’d do something different here other than talk about the weather and teams in the rooms," Kirk said.

"I’ve copped a bit of stick over time, but I actually wasn’t taking the piss at all, it’s fair dinkum!"

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Kirk said it wasn’t completely scripted but he knew the vibe he was going for.

"It was my first, sort of, intro into media, so I didn’t have too much training or anything," he said.

"I knew it was my first cross with the Saturday afternoon team, so I had a little bit of a think about what I’d like to do and then just threw it out there!"

The famous video, taken from the Essendon rooms ahead of a game against Port Adelaide at what is now called Marvel Stadium, had its 10th anniversary earlier this year:



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Rudi Edsall

21 September 2022

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Rudi Edsall

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