Brian Taylor's Classic Stuff-Up Greeting An Ex-Fremantle Champ Last Night

"Then BT walked up..."

13 May 2017

(Image: Getty)

Wayne Carey has flashed back to a bit of a stuff-up Brian Taylor made in Perth on Friday night.

Arriving at Domain Stadium for Channel 7's coverage of West Coast/Western Bulldogs, Duck, BT and Cameron Ling were greeted by an ex-Freo champion.

"Getting out of the car, Cameron Ling, myself and I," Duck recalled on the Saturday Rub.

"An ex-Fremantle champion...came walking up. I looked at him straight away, 'Lingy' looked at him straight away - I knew exactly who it was.

"I walked straight up to him and said 'g'day, mate'. So I didn't give anything away. Lingy sort of was a little bit to the side, and said hello.

"Then BT walked up, really confidently...strolled up and said 'g'day, Brad'."

Turns out BT made a meal of it.

"You know who it was? Paul Hasleby!"

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