Bridge closure in Toodyay

Angering locals

23 August 2018

Article heading image for Bridge closure in Toodyay

The decision by the Public Transport Authority to close the railway footbridge in Toodyay has angered locals.

They claim the decision is poor public policy and an abdication of responsibility by the State Government. 

Toodyay is split in two by the standard gauge railway which carries all rail freight between Perth and eastern Australia. 

Debate is raging as to who must take responsibility for the bridge, with the Public Transport Authority declaring it was up to the Shire of Toodyay to maintain the bridge.

As a result of the 50 year bridge being removed, Toodyay’s elderly and people with disabilities are being asked to take their chances with an uncontrolled level crossing.

There are now calls from the Shire towards the state government to repair or replace the Toodyay Footbridge.

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