The Big Breakfast Bring You to Shinju

for the Shinju Matsuri Festival

22 June 2018

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Last night, Clairsy, Matt and Kymba from The Big Breakfast hosted an exclusive dinner with 10 lucky listeners to experience a taste of the Shinju Matsuri festival at Kidogo Art Gallery in Fremantle.

Shinju Matsuri, (Japanese for ‘Festival of the Pearl’), celebrates Broome through nine days of iconic and authentic events, unique to the destination, offering a festival experience of arts, culture, community and food.

Shinju Matsuri will tempt your senses with an exciting whirlwind of colour, sound, taste and smells with events like the Floating Lantern Matsuri, as well as the Sunset Long Table Dinner, an infinity-star, fine-dining experience on the pristine sands of Cable Beach hosted by chefs Marion Grasby and Adam Liaw.

At the dinner Clairsy, Matt and Kymba, drew our major prize winner Ann Allen from Rockingham, who will be able to experience the real Shinju Matsuri festival in Broome, winning a trip including return flights, accommodation, spending money and VIP tickets to the Floating Lantern Matsuri and Sunset Long Table Dinner.

Clairsy, Matt and Kymba loved bringing a taste of Shinju to our listeners and had rave reviews of the event.

“The night channelled the actual vibe of Broome and what it’s all about during the festival” Clairsy

“It made me want to straight away get on the plane to Broome and enjoy the festival” Kymba

"We sat down for some beautiful food, absolutely gorgeous seafood with a Japanese flavour… and that’s what the celebration is about, all of those incredible cultures that have made Broome such a melting pot.” Matt

The Shinju Matsuri festival is on in Broome from the 25th of August to the 2nd of September 2018.

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