Brisbane And Gold Coast On High Alert With Cross-Border Breach

Patient zero?

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Brisbane and the Gold Coast are on high alert as Police investigate a New South Wales man suspected of breaching Sydney's lockdown.

Authorities from both sides of the camp are looking into scenario where the man is thought to have committed a deliberate violation of Covid restrictions.

Brisbane on COVID alert

Health authorities consider the Sydney man to be patient zero of the Queensland outbreak, infecting a Qantas flight attendant who tested positive on Friday before crossing the border into the sunshine state.

Gratefully the flight attendant who worked on several flights across regional Queensland in the days leading up to her positive result was not infectious during that time.

However, both the flight attendant and the Sydney man were both out and about within the community, while contagious.


Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young said contact tracers are scrambling to trace all their movements in the past 10 days.

“The 14th of July is a while ago now and people could have been out and about in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, come into contact with one of these two individuals, become infected, then travelled home anywhere in Queensland”

Dr Young emphasised "the risk across all of Queensland stands.”

Keep up to date on the latest exposure sites across Queensland here

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26 July 2021

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