Brisbane Could Not Be Any Busier This Weekend

Here's All The Stuff You Can Do

28 September 2017

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There's a a stack on this weekend in Brisbane, so here's the deal:

The Police Remembrance Day march is on through the City at 9am, before a service at St Stephens Cathedral.

Just after midday, the Roulettes are doing practice for Riverfire, then at 12.30pm and 1.20pm you'll hear the roar of the EA18 Growlers.

Someone's also organised a Mullet Festival in Redcliffe.

Tomorrow venues will be packed with AFL grand final action, before the fireworks and flyovers start late afternoon.

Then on Sunday, it'll be the NRL's turn. The Storm and Cowboys kickoff after 6pm our time - given Daylight Saving Time also starts down south.

Lucky Monday's a public holiday....


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