Brisbane - The Rain's Arrived..

How long will it stick around?

18 May 2017

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The big rain event we've been hearing about all week has finally arrived in the Southeast, with 50-80mm of rain forecast for today.

Coastal areas have seen most of the rain so far, with Bribie Island soaking up 76mm already and other coastal areas seeing more than 30mm.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Julian DeMorton says hydrologists have NO concerns about river flooding, but flash flooding is possible.

"Some suburbs in Brisbane are prone to that, even with not particularly heavy rain. So I think those residents are aware of that and will be making preparations," he says.

"On the whole this rain.. yeah it's reasonable, but it's not anything to be concerned about."

And, there's good news for your weekend plans:  Julian says it should mostly clear off overnight.

"By the time people wake up tomorrow most of the rain should have eased and it should be a reasonable day tomorrow."

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