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As Aussies, we are very familiar with a heat wave. 

Those ' minimum 40.Ccan't touch the steering wheel without getting third degree burns, can cook an egg on the bonnet of a car, sweating in places I didn't know existed'  kind of days.

That's why it's hilarious to watch Brits and Americans absolutely unravel when the temperature hits 25.C plus.

Monday marked the hottest bank holiday ever in Britain, with Heathrow heating a record temperature of 33.C... Broome (WA) will hit 33.C tomorrow in the middle of winter. C'mon guys!

The US is also experiencing a major heatwave, with temperatures ranging from 30.C to 38.C in various parts. 

Last summer marked our hottest summer on record. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, as reported by The Guardian, the 2018-19 summer, which produced 50.C days and topped temperature highs across the country, was 1.28C aoove what is generally considered as normal, exceeding the previous record greatly. January was also declared the hottest month ever recorded in the country, with an average temperature across the nation of 30.8C. 

Look, we get it guys, we FEEL for you! But try experiencing an Australian summer and THEN get back to us!

We took to twitter to find the best reactions to heat

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28 August 2019

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