British Authorities Raise Threat Level To Severe Following Taxi Bombing

Police investigate motive

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British police are still investigating a taxi explosion outside of a Liverpool hospital which killed one person.

British authorities have since raised the threat level with the explosion now officially classified as a terrorist incident.

The homemade bomb maker was killed in the explosion and the taxi driver injured.

Police have identified the bomb maker as 32-year-old Emad Al Swealmeen but have not yet released information as to the motive behind the attack.

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According to Britain’s Press Association news agency, the man was not previously known by police.

Following the second fatal attack in less than a month, the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre has raised the threat level from substantial to severe.

‘Substantial’ means that an attack is possible while ‘severe’ means an attack is extremely likely.

The UK’s first attack this month was the stabbing attack on conservative Politian David Amess.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the incident labelling it as “sickening” emphasising that Britain will not give in to terrorists.

“We will never give in to those who seek to divide us with senseless acts of violence,” he said.

The man killed in the taxi was believed to have asked the taxi driver to take him to the hospital just before 11AM on Sunday morning.

The taxi driver who has since been identified as David Perry managed to escape the car but not before locking his car doors so the passenger couldn’t escape.

Liverpool Mayor has commended the driver for his admirable act of extreme bravery.

“The taxi driver, in his heroic efforts, has managed to divert what could have been an absolutely awful disaster at the hospital,” Anderson said during an interview with the BBC.

“The prime minister also said the driver appeared to have behaved “with incredible presence of mind and bravery.”

Three other men were arrested throughout the city shortly after under the Terrorism Act with a fourth picked up on Monday, all in relation to the taxi explosion.

All four people are believed to be linked to the dead taxi passenger.

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Georgie Marr

16 November 2021

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Georgie Marr

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