Brock Lesnar Called Out By Jon Jones After UFC Main Event

"If you want to know..."

30 July 2017

(Image: UFC)

Jon Jones scored a big win over rival Daniel Cormier at UFC 214.

Seems like he moved on pretty quick.

During his post-fight interview, he grabbed the mic and called out former UFC champ - and current WWE champ - Brock Lesnar.

A UFC return for Lesnar has been floating around the rumour files in recent weeks.

"Brock Lesnar," he said.

He followed it up with a pretty decent threat.

"If you want to know what it feels like to get your ass kicked by somebody who weighs 40 pounds less than you, meet me in the Octagon."

Lesnar responded, keeping it short and sweet.

"Be careful what you wish for, young man," he told Associated Press.

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