Brumby Cull In Alpine National Park Given The Green Light

Plans to rehome as many as possible

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Parks Victoria has released its new feral horse action plan for the Alpine National Park.

Officials are aiming to rehome as many wild horses as possible but will have to cull some of the population.

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A group of around one hundred brumbies will be removed from the Bogong High Plains near Falls Creek through traps and shooting.

Terrestrial Ecology Professor Don Driscoll says it is not possible to rehome all of the horses.

“Because the horse numbers are so high now, a large number have to be culled and that’s really just because the number of people willing to rehome horses is small - in the hundreds so to remove several thousand horses that are needed, culling really is the only solution.”

Professor Driscoll says it’s a good plan to preserve the area.

“This plan has real promise to protect our native species and ecosystems from feral animals.”

It's estimated there are around 10,000 wild horses in the alpine national park region.

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3 November 2021

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