Buddy Franklin's 1000th Goal: "He Said He Just Wanted To Embrace It"

Our chat with Sharrod Wellingham

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On the Rush Hour with Embers and Michelle, Sharrod Wellingham, former AFL player and Buddy (Lance) Franklin's best mate, came on the show to share his experience of the night that created one of most incredible moments in AFL history, also revealing how Buddy felt.

"Even just hearing the audio then gave me butterflies to be honest... so glad I got to experience it."

Sharrod joined Buddy's family in the box and watched as he joins the legends with 1000 goals.

"For it to happen on the weekend, it was just great that they could all be there."

Overwhelmed by the surreal moment of the thousands of fans rushing onto the ground, Sharrod reveals that Buddy took it all in acknowledging that the crowd was incredible.

"I felt claustrophobic just watching it, he said he just wanted to embrace it and it was one of the things he'd look back on in 20 years."

Sharing the spotlight on the night, Alex Wheeler put his body on the line to mark the ball from the milestone goal to which he eventually put back into Buddy's hands.

"It was great that he was able to give that back to Bud because that's a piece of memorabilia that, you know, that's the last time I reckon that'll happen."


28 March 2022

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