Bundy Limes Have Become A Local Booming Business!

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Amber Lowther

7 January 2019

Amber Lowther

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The juiciest local goss has to be the fact that Bundy Limes have well and truly grown into a booming local produce business!

What started as a simple idea has seen Lina Vickers' limes used by local businesses, such as the Spotted Dog Tavern, The Club Hotel, Indulge, the Bundaberg RSL, Last Stop Convenience and Mr B Fresh- just to name a few.

Bundy Limes

The limes that grow on 800 Tahitian Limes trees are carefully hand-picked and delivered by the Vickers family.

Not only is Bundy Limes producing just that, but they have always widened their offering, adding dried wheels, salts, sugars, soaps & bath bombs to their line-up of goods. 

If you're looking to get your hands on some of your own Bundy Limes, you can pick them up from Nana's, Mr B Fresh and Last Stop! 

For more info on Bundy Limes, simply head to their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/BundyLimes 





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