Bureau Of Meteorology Announces The Return Of La Nina Climate Driver

Soggy summer ahead

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Just about all of NSW will see major rain downpours this week with heavier rain in some parts as the Bureau Of Meteorology announces the return of the La Niña climate driver in Australia. 

This week Broken Hill is expected to see up to 55mm of rain, Merimbula 70mm and Orange is expected to get a whopping 80mm of rain. It’s all thanks to the moisture from a tropical cyclone merging with humidity over the east. 

This week’s rain is the latest in a long line of wet weather, considered a hallmark of the La Niña climate driver officially confirmed on Tuesday to be returning to Australia for the summer. 


The announcement basically guarantees we are in for a soggier summer, particularly on the east coast, accompanied by some lower temperatures. It means the current pattern of storms being seen over the last few weeks could stick around all summer long. 

“The wet landscape and the La Nina event mean that very serious flood events are a real chance this summer.”

- Sky News Weather Meteorologist Rob Sharpe

While La Ninas can see heatwaves and phases of dry conditions, all signs point to more rain, more chances of flooding and cooler temperatures in the summer months to come.

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23 November 2021

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