Buy Something Tasmanian: A New Online Platform To Help Support Local Businesses

‘Be Tasmanian, Buy Tasmanian’

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Buy Something Tasmanian is a new online platform created to encourage the community to support local businesses during these challenging times.

Tasmanian businesses are able list their products and services on this new website for people to browse, shop and in-turn boost our local economy and keep our businesses alive.

The initiative was developed in partnership between the Tasmanian Government, the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Brand Tasmania.

They are rallying together during these challenging times for businesses, employees and families and encourage the community to ‘Be Tasmanian, Shop Tasmania’.

Minister for State Growth, Michael Ferguson, chatted to Brian Carlton to explain the new all-Tasmanian internet marketplace and how it will support businesses that have needed to go online during coronavirus restrictions.

Mr Ferguson said that Tasmanians have survived and innovated through adversity and that has really been a major part of the brand development.

“…we need to stick with that brand and make sure that Tasmanians buy local but also that people in other states of Australia want to buy what we have to offer and that will support our businesses and in turn support our jobs."

The platform is a free service and people with Tasmanian businesses, large or small, are being encouraged to sign up, build a profile and to start connecting with a new and wider range of potential customers.

“I am encouraging any of your listeners this morning who are in business including home businesses Brian, if they can provide a product or a service and they would like to list please jump on and add your listing… it’s just about bringing together a commerce community so that Tasmanian businesses can get a good go.”

Buy Something Tasmanian is a fantastic initiative that is connecting Tasmanians and linking up Tasmanian goods and services with people who want to shop and support local business.

Check out the website here:

Also catch up with the full chat between Michael Ferguson and Brian Carlton below!

Chelsea Wilde

15 May 2020

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Chelsea Wilde

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